The neologized term "Metaphortean" combines "metaphor" and "Fortean," the latter term denoting strange, mysterious events popularized in the publications of the independent, early 20th century researcher Charles Fort.  An eccentric champion of anomalous phenomena, Fort collected facts that had allegedly been excluded, rejected or ignored by established science because they were unexplainable.  While Fort focused on arbitrary borderlines between accepted and denied explanations, Metaphortean Research puzzles shifting values associated with new and obsolecent media cultures.


video essay, 12 minutes, 2007
transmedia, duration variable, 2010
Son of Sasquatch
crypto-cabaret, 15 minutes, 2007
Gigantic Apparition
anthology of drone kitsch, 2012
Associated Forces
video, 3 minutes, 2013
Derelict Dirigibles
video, 9 minutes, 2011
Cracked Memex
installation, 2008
Transmedia, ongoing.
Patrolling the Ether
video essay, 7 minutes, 2009
Future Affluence
transmedia, 5 minutes, 2011
Drone Kitsch
installation, 2012
Gray Areas Persist
digital prints, dimensions variable, 2009
Procession of the Damned
performance, 45 minutes, 2007
Paranormal Mechanisms
installation, 2007
Metaphortean Space
Research Blog, 2006-2012
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