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Associated Forces


TRT: 3 minutes

Relaying its position of "panopticonscientious objection," a radicalized satellite responds to its role in the demanding drone war below. The orbital agitator in this fiction advocates a tactic of non-cooperation amongst spacecraft of its ilk. Associated forces, from gravity to a distributed cohort of network enablers and space junk, are allied in this undertaking.


 Invisible accomplice to the communications needs of drone operators, and the digitally equipped populace at large, satellites are also increasingly imperiled by, or, as orbital debris. News reports of de-orbited “zombie sats” were fodder for Imagining an alternative explanation for the dereliction of this craft, the satellite serves as a means of reflecting on the broadening exasperation towards the US drone program and policies.


2014 Drones, Gallery Project, Ann Arbor Art Center, Ann Arbor, MI

2014 Drones, Gallery Project, Eastern Market, Detroit, MI

2013 Murmuration: A Festival of Drone Culture,

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