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procedural puzzles and generative constraints for writing with new and residual media


HTML (hundred thousand million labyrinths) a constraint-based writing group, dedicated to exploration of surrational, lexiconspiratorial and algorithmic schemes for developing new writing. Inspired by groups including Oulipo and The Writhing Society, these curious textploits have been pursued informally and infrequently by HTML since 2012.



Antonymic Exchange  a non-traditional framework for building algorithmic literacy the long way, and the wrong way.  Established in 2014 with Lindsey French.

Link to our ISEA2015 Paper about the Antonymic Exchange


Call of Cthulhutone a deep remix of the Cthulhu mythos, Casio-lore and participatory culture.  Introduced in 2005, the project has moved diagonally through various Web 2.0 platforms, idling even now on derelict wordpress blogs, soundcloud accounts, youtube posts, and other outposts in the networked cosmos.


Exquisite Octopus: a set of instructions devised and utilized by Carl Diehl and Nat Hawks as an asynchronous form of jam session. In this model, two participants produce and exchange a sound composition. These initial compositions are then remixed by the two participants and exchanged again. This process of remixing and exchange continues until each participant has produced a total of four compositions each. Together, these sonic "tentacles" comprise the Exquisite Octopus album.

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