The urban renewal of a familiar neighborhood renders that familiarity an enigma: here becomes elsewhere. Evocative sound design, salvaged views from Google maps and intermittent statements route around a puzzle of place. The central visual riddle is achieved through aerial videography of Portland’s North Williams neighborhood subjected to extensive digital compositing. The contours of a quintessential image of Mt. Hood are pronounced and undone by conflicts perceived in the passage of time. In collaboration with aerial videographer, Adam Simmons.

Here is Elsewhere, Derived from materials researched and produced for The Hidden Dimension installation, 2015

The Hidden Dimension, multi-channel Installation, Unfiltered Kilter, White Box, Portland, OR 2015 

Atempastoral Studies (2014)


With a tangible desire for the arrival of an idyllic "time during which" everything will be attended to and understood, the elsewhen of atemporality displaces the "no where" of utopia. Asynchromanticism at full tilt. In these image processed tone poems, the affective dimensions of technological experience are carried through vectors of landscape and atmosphere. These works are derived from and inspired by the electronic synthesis and wayfinding that emerged during my residency at Signal Culture with Nat Hawks, in 2015.

Tunnel/Lake Effect, 2018

Threatening Weather, 2015

Little Rose City, 2017

Atempastoral Studies of Owego (excerpt), 2015