Designed and programmed in collaboration with Mack Mcfarland and Jesse England. Over twenty local, national, and international artists’ works that critically engaged with televisual technoculture were transmitted during this six-week exhibit. Visitors were encouraged to “bring their own TV,” or borrow one from the gallery, in order to intercept and engage transmissions from and within their immediate air space. Part of the New American Art Union's Couture Series, funded by Ruth Ann Brown



an alliance of VJs + jumpsuits. The JiRCS improvised video adventures using a small armada of outmoded video mixers, switchers, improvised sensors, cameras and archival video materials.Entering permanent hibernation in 2007, former JiRCs have re-grouped elsewhere under the auspices of DataIRJ and Weird Fiction


Things Go Wrong!


a new narrative confabulated out of a dizzying database of disparate Harrison Ford movies. In this new adventure, Ford's character is subjected to sibling rivalry with a multiplicity of reproduced selves. Produced in collaboration with Jason Kocol who also wrote much of the incidental music. A harbinger of the youtube mash up, you might imagine where this video now resides.

The Ready-Mades


The most D.I.Y. band ever! With no permanent members, the audience arrives at a Ready-Mades! show to find a selection of instruments on stage. Informational pamphlets are distributed and audience members are encouraged to line up and “become the band” by participating directly in the musical production. Co-Designed with M.P. Lockwood.

Cock Robot

1998 - 2003

The summer of 1998, Syracuse, NY. Carl Diehl, M.P. Lockwood and the enigmatic toaster go about forming no core outfit Cock Robot.Most of the songs were improvised and later learned off practice tapes. Live they continue to remain loose, changes made on cues rather than counts, so the songs sound different every time

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