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Weird Shift is an alternative atelier, an off-center for paralogical inquiries, artifacts, and ideas. An aggregation of cultural arcana, speculative theories and the pursuit of sideline knowledge.  Weird Shift takes many forms including, in recent years, unconferences, a store front, an ongoing radio podcast series, micro-talk sessions and the like. 

Weird Fiction In adherence to a vague curatorial conceit of “advancing the Weird-Fiction mythos,” writing is extended across image, text and sound, multiplied by many contributing voices and corralled by a loose set of constraints referred to as “the ficto-quizzical.” Rather than teasing out exclusively metaphorical links between information anxiety and Lovecraftian vistas of “spectral whirling through liquid gulfs of infinity,” Weird-Fiction gleefully scrutinizes  monsters themselves in terms of their own hypothetically idiosyncratic and confused interactions online. 

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