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Patrolling the Ether


90 second excerpt, TRT: 7 minutes

The end of analog broadcasts will be a boon for electronic anomalists. In this diaristic video essay, eclectic electronic pursuits including EVP, EIP and Martian radio are bandied about by a disembodied voice emanating from beyond. Paranormal penchants aside, interviews and examples from Portland’s Pulse Emitter reveal the always already strange goings-on amongst electrons.


“Obsolescence is the moment of Superabundance,” Mcluhan once mused, and with mass media broadcasts making haste for digital pastures, electronic anomalists look forward to an excess of static filling their analog screens. From modular synthesis to fortean electronics, the end of analog broadcasts amplifies opportunities for all manner of etheric patrols!


Interview with ATA Festival


2010 From Portland With Love, NW Film Forum, Seattle, WA

2010 Specters + Machines, La Enana Maron, Madrid, Spain

2010 Selections From ATA Festival, Millennium Film Workshop, NYC

2009 Specters + Machines, ATA Film+Video Festival, San Francisco, CA

2009 End of Analog Other Cinema, San Francisco, CA

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