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Blobsquatch: In the Expanded Field


2 minute excerpt, TRT: 12 min

Cryptozoology, a field known for its inquiries into unknown creatures like the Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster, constitutes a challenge to exclusive hierarchies of knowledge and established scientific authority by presenting alternative theories and new taxonomic models. Recently, perhaps adversely influenced by information-addiction, many Bigfoot aficionados have dismissed “blobsquatches” (photos too blurry to be discernible as sasquatches) as an impediment to serious cryptozoological research. In this paranormal polemic, scientific jargon and genre tropes of investigative documentary are short-circuited and re-wired. The Blobsquatch is engaged critically to explore spaces between information and noise, obsolescence and adaptive re-use.




2010 Un...sharpness of Documentary Kunstfilmtag 10, Dusseldorf, Germany (screening/essay)

2010 Video Essay Suite Blackbird Journal, online journal of literature and art, Spring 2010, Vol 9, No1

2009 Off the Map Western Oregon University Experimental Film Festival, Monmouth, OR

2008 Local Sightings NW Film Forum, Seattle, WA

2008 Bio-Meditations International Symposium of Electronic Art, Singapore City, Singapore

2008 NorthWest Tracking Northwest Film Center, Portland, OR

2008 Blobsquatch Other Cinema, San Francisco, CA

2008 Local Shorts PDX Festival, Portland, OR

2008 Sudden Interventions Transmediale.08-Conspire!, Berlin, Germany

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