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Son of Sasquatch


performance collaboration with Jason Jones

Written, designed and produced in collaboration with Jason Jones and Rosy Boyer, this crypto-cabaret involves a full-fledged "squatchploitation" routine, confabulating alternative anecdotes for the infamous Bigfoot. This multimedia menagerie charts the rise of the Son of Sasquatch, a lovechild emerged during 1967′s Summer of Love, now become an over-exposed icon of the cryptozoo. Expect a razzle-dazzle of hand-crafted scenery, shadowgraphy, sasquatchery, slideshow and sound fx!


2008 Blobsquatch, Other Cinema, San Francisco, CA

2007 Crypto-Zoetropical Pursuit, Lumpwest, Eugene, OR

2007 Crypto-Zoetropical Pursuit, Rererato Art Space, Portland, OR

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