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1 minute excerpt, TRT: 9 minutes

Speculating on the fate of ghosts in today’s atemporal network culture, swan songs and ultimatums are delivered by the Metaphortean Researcher on behalf of obsolescent forms of hauntings.


This video is an iteration of the monologue and slide presentation produced for the live performance of the same name. In this excerpt, an increasingly urgent rant from the Metaphortean Researcher is accompanied by a rising din of telecommunications noise and densely composited video montage sequences.


2012 Drone Kitsch, Half/Dozen, Portland, OR

2011 Tommorrowland Forever, &Now Festival, San Diego, CA

2011 Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2011 Little Berlin, Philladelphia, PA

2011 Observatory Room, Brooklyn, NY

2010 Deep Leap Cinema, Grand Detour, Portland, OR

2010 DIVA Center, Eugene, OR

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