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Break of Dawn


90 second excerpt, TRT: 4 minutes

Produced in collaboration with Brooklyn based sound artists XSM, "This is the absent minded chatter of space and objects in a divided reality. Break of Dawn is a lonely landscape enlivened with a possessed car from outer space. The original audio track offers up the kinds of sounds that time makes when it rubs against itself." - Program Notes, Abrasions: Architecture and Accident, Studio 27, San Francisco.


2010 Flashstream New Video Gallery, PSU Art Building, Portland, OR

2010 Flashstream Someday Lounge, Portland, OR

2007 Peripheral Produce Invitational PDX Festival, Portland, OR

2007 Horror & Terror Redux Camera Lounge/Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto, ON

2006 Abrasions: Architecture & Accident Studio 27, San Francisco, CA

2006 What are YOU scared of? Cine-Cycle, Toronto, ON, curated by Pleasuredome

2006 Places in Pieces Jawbreaker Gallery, Eugene, OR

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